Custom Rubber Stamps

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We are a Custom Rubber Stamps Store located at Bronx NY. We can produce your corporate stamp in less than 48 hrs. Sometimes same day. Our Name is Custom World LLC.

What type of Custom Rubber Stamps do we provide?

We provide all sizes and shapes: Round, Squared, Pocket Stamps, Portable Stamps, Dater Stamps and more.

How many days does it takes to have my stamp Ready?

Sometimes could be same day delivery. It depends. But normally 48 hrs.

What do we need to make your stamp?

We just need the information that you need to place in your stamp, normally your company name and registration number. Is up to you. If you have a logo we can add it to your stamp without charging you extra for it. Just provide a high resolution picture. Is Preferable to have your logo in editable pdf. But a JPG could work most of the time.

What do I do to start ordering my stamp?

You can text 347-671-5112 via WhatsApp or text Message.

Pick up and Delivery?

After your stamp is done you can come to pick it up with no extra cost. We can also send it to you via USPS worldwide. We are located at 910 Thieriot Ave. Bronx NY. But we are only online store. You can come here only to pick up.

How much does it cost to make a custom stamp??

Depends on the size of the stamp and the amount of stamps that you need.

You can find the most commons in this link.

What is the most common custom stamp?

The most common self ink stamp is 42 mm (1.6 inches). Is round shape and we call it: The Standard. You can see a picture bellow.